Planned Grocery

Subscription service for retail site selection

Get insight into the current Grocery Retail Expansion in the United States like never before. Our application is the only subscription service on the market today which exclusively provides data on planned and proposed grocery store developments built around a mapping and demographic interface

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Opportunity Surface

Market Planning and Site Selection

We take many layers of data from a number of different sources and analyze this data using your specific criteria to highlight areas with the best score. Go beyond a “gut feeling” and back up your selection process with a thoughtful, analytical approach using our sophisticated mapping and GIS expertise. This approach is ideal for both retailers as well as developers searching for the perfect site.

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GIS Mapping Solutions

For marketing and analysis packages we use GIS to highlight the market drivers in the area around a site often with a client’s own custom or proprietary data.

This custom mapping is suitable for both high quality printing and interactive web-mapping with ArcGIS Online.

Mapping customized for your unique requirements.

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OneSite Pro

Automation and Streamlining with Data Driven Site Plans

Our database driven solution consolidates all your disparate data and ensures that your printed and electronic material is always using the most current and authoritative data while also enabling deeper analytics, consistency, and dynamic site plan mapping both on the web and native apps.

Go beyond tabular data about your facilities and properties to enable deeper understanding through the use of site and facility plans that are spatially aware and connected to your live data.

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MapSite with National Land Realty

Full service analytics based site selection and brokerage services seamlessly rolled into one package

With our partner National Land Realty, this is the ideal solution for any organization seeking to quickly and efficiently identify specific sites across a large and/or diverse geographic area. Using your criteria, our team can identify the best sites and assist in land acquisitions or leasing.

You can read about our work with National Land Realty on solar facility site selection at and at Esri.

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Software and Training Solutions

As an Esri Business Partner and we can help your organization get started with GIS.  After a comprehensive evaluation, we will recommend the right GIS software, implementation plan, and training to help get you going.


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