AggData Case Study


Easier access to retail locations data for Esri and AggData clients:

Problem: Real estate organizations with a Premium subscription to AggData (many of them Esri users) including such retailers as Starbucks, Target, and Petco use AggData for market planning and analysis. Currently, these organizations download a CSV file from AggData and geocode AggData’s layers if they wish to use them in ArcGIS or ArcGIS Online.  Additionally, the imported file is “static”, thus there is no way to automatically use the latest data without downloading a new CSV file and re-geocoding.

Solution: ArcGIS Online Integration. Beitz and Daigh Geographics created a solution that uploads and maintains AggData’s latest information to AGOL. This dataset is updated daily on so users always have access to the most current data. For example, if a user’s map has Whole Foods Market locations and there is an update that modifies some of the locations (e.g. new stores, changed locations, updated metadata, etc.), then the end-user will see these updates automatically with no further action required. And this works for both AGOL and ArcGIS Desktop. And if a user wishes to have a shp or gdb of the AggData layer(s), the user can simply navigate to the layer’s details page on AGOL and download a shp or gdb without any need to geocode or create points from an external csv file.

Implementation Details: Python and REST API. Scripting which reads data from the AggData database and then uses the AGOL REST API to upload the points to AGOL. This data encompasses nearly 4,000 layers in 35 countries (and counting) with data refreshed nightly