National Land Realty uses Esri ArcGIS Online for Real Estate Brokerage


As part of a broad plan to work with larger institutional land owners and developers, National Land Realty recognized the need to better understand and communicate the land requirements of various clients.   Earlier this year they turned to Esri Business Partner Beitz and Daigh Geographics, Inc. (Beitz and Daigh) to develop an online mapping system they could use to help identify the most qualified parcels of land for each client.

Beitz and Daigh developed the system according to NLR’s specifications using a variety of data sources in combination with Geographic Information System (GIS) software from Esri.  NLR wanted a system they could use for planning and presentation purposes. They needed a live mapping system where they could see parcels with ownership data in relation to the electric grid and other physical attributes such as soil type, slope, and wetlands. This system pulls together many large data sets into a map view that is customized and relevant to this task.

Today NLR is using this system combined with proprietary operational processes and procedures to assemble, identify, and then broker the sale of properties to various clients doing business in the southeast.